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FB And Website Integration
Me most days

FB and Website Integration

If you don’t know me, I’m a DIY’er. I can’t leave stuff alone. And this is not my first attempt at making this work…

Somewhere in my cranial attic something is wired funny that requires me to keep tweaking things, fixing things, modifying things until I either break something or solve a problem (required skill for print shop work).  And since we have a shiny new website now, I have to keep screwing around with it until I’m satisfied…or it’s broken. (The gang here has a word for when I ‘improve’ a piece of equipment but I’m not sharing that here.)

Henceforth I proudly present to you all: Facebook integration.

That’s right, much to the horror of everyone in the building all of my incoherent, meandering blog posts will (or should) show up automatically on our facebook page. At least until someone takes my privileges away. Shouldn’t take too long.

Anyway, you wonderful people out there will get to enjoy whatever spills onto my keyboard at regular intervals. Well that and the real stuff that Keli puts on facebook…like pictures of happy customers and cool projects, etc.

You should also be excited that I used the word ‘henceforth’ for probably the only time ever.

Don’t forget, We Print Stuff. I do recognize this post has nothing whatsoever to do with printing.


(Now I get to watch everyone scramble around trying to figure out how to delete this…)

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